Visit Mekong for great Vietnamese food … and stay for the beer

Mekong Restaurant

The food at Mekong is amazing, the beer selection astounding

Everyone up this way is talking about Mekong, a great new restaurant in Sandusky near the mall on Hwy 250 (map). Their food is fresh and delicious. Find out food tips on Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Run by manager Kha Bui and the Bui family, their food is fresh and delicious, featuring recipes that have been in the Bui family for generations. This is the Bui family’s second Mekong restaurant (the first was opened in 1994 in Richmond, VA).

Mekong Restaurant

Check Mekong’s board for the selection of beers on tap that day

In addition to great food, Kha Bui has a passion for beer and stocks an amazing beer selection and regularly hosts beer tastings. They recently topped the list of’s Amazing Beer Bars. Check out their facebook page for upcoming events and great pics of their dishes.


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