Visit a Historic Public Library and Café in Fremont

Fremont library and AM Korner

Birchard Public Library in Fremont

I spent a morning in Fremont, Ohio, last week and visited the Birchard Public Library, founded in 1873 by Sardis Birchard and his nephew, US President, Rutherford B. Hayes (map).

It’s a wonderful historic building that’s been tastefully expanded and upgraded for new technology.

Fremont library and AM Korner

Diner at the AM Korner Cafe

I also had breakfast at the AM Korner café (map), which you won’t find reviewed on Yelp. I’m pretty sure I was the only dweeb using a mobile phone in this café nestled into a diagonal corner along Fremont’s State Street. Everyone else was enjoying company and some down-home food.

It’s an old-school diner serving basic diner food, breakfast available all day, cheese omelettes made with American cheese and huge, tasty sausage patties. They also have perch and walleye sandwiches.

Fremont library and AM Korner

Antiques line the window ledges at the AM Korner Cafe

I loved how the windows were lined with antiques. See more pics here.

If you head over to Fremont for a beyond the shores adventure, check out the Rutherford B. Hayes Museum and grounds.


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