Put the Canoe Club Wine Bar on your “Must-Visit” list

Canoe Club Wine Bar

Canoes hang from the ceiling in the swanky Canoe Club Wine Bar

Canoe Club Wine Bar

Fabulous lighting throughout the bar

This swanky wood-fired pizza and wine bar joint looks unassuming from the front. Walk in for a “Wow!” adventure. Designed by owner Mark LaGrange, the restaurant features canoes hanging from the ceiling, beautiful light fixtures and best of all, amazing wood-fired pizzas and fabulous salads. See some more pics here.

It’s not just a wine bar

Canoe Club Wine Bar

The CCWB runs an art gallery in an adjacent room

The CCWB offers a full bar and wines from around the world. In an adjacent room, they have a fabulous art gallery featuring local artists, and they have music every Sunday night. Generally once a month, the Canoe Club also hosts a Cigar night on the third Wednesday of the month.

Check out this article in Funcoast for more information about the restaurant.

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