Pounding steel instead of waves

pounding steel

Tricia hammering hot metal

This time of year, I long for some hot Florida sun … but my pocketbook won’t stretch that far. So I’m pounding hot iron instead.

I’m taking the Found and Forged Steel class at the Toledo Museum of Art.

Believe me, stepping into the foundry room when the gas and coal forges are in full swing is like stepping off the plane into a hot Mexican summer day, though not as humid (and lacking margaritas). I’ve been pounding and texturizing hot steel pieces for an arts-and-crafts-style picture frame. Not only do I come home with my face tinged with a nice glow, I’ve also pounded out the week’s frustrations — I’m like jelly after a couple of hours of hammering metal.

Found art frame

My first frame from found steel.

On the first day of class, instructor and found art sculptor J.C. Christy got us all started with some basics and from there, worked with each of us to help us create the steel project of our dreams.

I’ve been on a picture frame theme. In addition to the nice metal I purchased for my larger frame, I find bits of rusted scrap metal in buckets and under tables in the studio and shape it into cool frames.

Cool project

Another student’s cool project.

It’s fun to see what everyone else is working on .. and if I have time, to take a spin around the museum’s gorgeous galleries or watch artisans shaping hot glass in the museum’s Hot Shop.

See more pics from my class here.

What hot creative outlet warms up your winter days? Where do you go when you can’t afford Florida?



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