Plants along the water’s edge

Plants along the water's edge

Things are changing rapidly with the plants these days

I’ve really enjoyed seeing the changing plants along our beachfront in Port Clinton. It’s really a beautiful place, lots of birds, and lots of natural (and I think probably some invasive) plants. I don’t know a thing about these plants for the most part, I just think there is a real beauty in them.

Puffball plants

These puffball plants are cool

Chime in if you recognize any of these and I’ll add proper names to them!

Beautiful feathery stuff

Beautiful feathery stuff


I think this red-tinted grass was what I saw earlier in March, just little tufts of red along the ground then


This is a kind of spearmint plant mixed with a little plant with yellow leaves


Ooh! These remind me of Dr. Seuss’s “Horton Hears a Who!”

See the rest of my pics here.


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