In search of the simple gene

The simple gene ...NOT

My NOT simple gene in progress…

Why didn’t I get the simple gene? My sister did … I got the “What if we did this?” gene (more aptly known as the “WTF-were-you-thinking?” gene).

2012-08-30 16.53.05

My sister is on the left. You can totally tell, can’t you, that she got the simple gene…

I was marveling the other day at how my sister, who moved a month ago, has done more with her house than I have in a year. She just keeps going, getting it all done, getting it set up the way she wants it. So I was frustrated with myself and decided to get cracking, to just plow through it like she does.

I started with the curtains on the back porch. We need them — the sun bears down on the porch and it’s freaking hot. My sister, she would go to IKEA and buy some curtains and put them up. Done!

The simple gene ...NOT

All this took was a trip to IKEA

Last year when she was here helping me, she convinced me to do that for our upstairs porch. IKEA didn’t have all of the curtains I wanted so she talked me into mixing and matching. Looks cute, nice. Done!

But she wasn’t here for the back porch project. I had a picture in my mind of curtains I wanted to make, with this pretty white embroidered fabric edged with a teal polka dot ruffle. Pretty? Yes! Simple? NOOOOOOOOO!

The simple gene ...NOT

Yes, they are cute. NO, they are NOT simple.

If you’ve ever sewn a ruffle, you know what I’m talking about. If not, I advise to do them in moderation, not on 8 freaking hand-sewn curtains.

The simple gene ...NOT

This is a ruffle gone wrong several times … I just keep sewing over the mistakes

Two days later I am still working on the same project, making mistakes, sewing right over them if I can, ripping out seams when I can’t. And I’m still not done.

This is why I am still working on things for the house.

I credit my mom for at least part of my NOT simple gene. (That’s her on the right in the photo above … holding a horn? while enjoying Disney.) When we were young, she and my dad bought a farm with a couple other families. We lived out there for a few weeks each summer, working in the garden, shelling peas, playing with crawdads in the creek. It was tons of fun for us. Not sure about my mom, though.

The farm was on a septic system … and I don’t know what happened that made my mom want to mess with it. But she decided the septic tank needed to be cleaned … so she sent my older brother, who was maybe 11 or 12, down into the tank on a rope and had him clean it. (I know, crazy!)

We had muddy water for weeks. The NOT simple gene.

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