Baby carrots … or dangerous baby killers?

My dogs love the baby carrots

Baby carrots

Mmmm, baby carrots.

I don’t know what it is about the baby carrots, but my dogs love them … and so does my husband. They turn up their noses at adult carrots.

I’ve felt tortured, you know, foraging in the store for these preemie carrots. It feels like I can hear them cry when I feed them to the dogs. I’ve always wondered what the baby carrot farm looks like – how they get them to grow like that. I’ve seen baby carrots coming out of the ground and they don’t look fat and stubby like the ones in the store.

Baby carrots

Baby carrots found loitering in area stores

But then, I found out some things that you should know. This has nothing to do with Lake Erie (although I do see a lot of baby carrots loitering about in stores up here), but sometimes you have to do a public service announcement for the safety of all concerned.

Out to get you

Out to get you
PHOTO: Solent

They’re not babies!

Underneath that sweet baby exterior is a deformed adult carrot – couldn’t make it in the carrot world. It’s like a Grimm’s fairytale version of Cinderella, where the stepsisters cut their heels off to get their feet into the glass slipper

After trimming them down and tumbling them to get those nice baby-rounded edges, they soak the carrots in a solution of water and chlorine. Chlorine!

Okay, okay, they say the amount of chlorine is about the same as drinking water… but baby killers.

If you look them up on Wikipedia, you’ll find a baby carrot is “a mature carrot that has been cut and peeled in the ‘baby-cut’ style.” They are carrot wolves in sheep’s clothing. Don’t let their cute “baby-cut” style get to you. Just pretend you can see their deformed carrotness underneath that cute baby exterior.

Baby-cut carrots are out to get you.


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