Winter-time Fun

So, this is my first winter in Port Clinton. LOTS of people warned us about PC winters, how everything shuts down, how I might, well, lose it in the winter up here.

Newsflash: I’m surviving … with some fun outdoor adventures!

Skiing at East Harbor State Park

2013-02-04 17.25.34

Cross country skiing at East Harbor State Park, Marblehead, OH

My husband and I went skiing out at East Harbor on fresh snow. We got there about 5 p.m. so we beat the snowmobiles. If you ski cross-country, you know it’s hard to follow snowmobile trails, plus you miss hearing thequiet snowfall)*.

We took the Blackberry Trail over to the Middle Harbor Trail – we ran into a downed tree (and followed deer tracks that went up and over the tree).

2013-02-04 17.54.10

Deer tracks leading up and over downed tree

I heard from masseuse Maureen Kubacek that she skis the West Harbor Trail leading back to the beach.


Vermillion River Reservation

Sledding at Bacon Hills, Vermillion River Reservation, near Vermillion, OH

While we have a couple of sledding hills in the area, we wanted to try out some of the hills touted in FunCoast. So far, we’ve made it to the Vermillion River Reservation Mill Hollow-Bacon Woods sledding hill near Vermillion, OH. Great hill even without a ton of snow. The rock formations along the river there are amazing!

2013-01-26 15.48.42

They also have a cool Carriage Barn with a great fireplace (and a room that could be rented for parties). We sipped some hot chocolate by the fireplace before heading back out. See more pics here.

I’m dying to try out the so-called “death hill” in Milan’s Edison Park.

What tips do you have for surviving the winter up here?


* LOL — the snowfall is so quiet that Youtube edited out the little bits of snow falling sound. Just imagine it!

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