Signs of spring along the water’s edge?

I swear I saw them … yesterday. Signs of spring.

The gulls were louder, the geese were honking, and there was new growth along the shore.

I’ve never been here for spring (each season this past year has been my first) so I don’t know all the signs of spring up here.

Yesterday, the breeze was cool, but moist, like a spring breeze. The sun was peeking through the clouds a bit, the birds were making those bird sounds, it felt like spring was around the corner.

That’s what usually happens … when I’ve made it as far as I think I can in winter, nature gives me little signs that spring is on the way.

Here’s a (short, basic) video along our shore and a few photos of the signs I saw.

Signs of spring?

Gulls at Port Clinton shoreline near shipping channel

Signs of spring?

New growth along the Lake Erie shore in Port Clinton

Signs of spring?

Flowers budding out along my house

Signs of spring?

And, of course, the weeds are in full swing!

Hoping you see signs of spring this weekend! Stay tuned next week for some good stories and things to do around Lake Erie’s shores.

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