Oh, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Oil, how I love you!

Tips from Tricia

Paint clothes

Read on to get my tip on removing paint (from your body — might work on clothes but I consider my t-shirt an ongoing work of art)

This post is just a little tip from me, just things I’ve discovered.

I don’t know how I figured this out, probably because I was out of soap or something, but Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Body Oil with Vitamin E is great at getting paint off your body (and I’m a messy painter as you can see from my paint shirt). Somehow it breaks down the latex paint formula (haven’t tried it on oil paints but I assume it would work).

I’ve also used it to get break down dried paint on brushes (my DH is notorious for not cleaning the paint out of our brushes and I can’t stand to ruin a good paint brush). I just stick the brush in container with the oil, mush it around every once in a while and after about a day, I have a pretty good brush back.

It’s good for wrinkles, too!

I knew new moms used it to erase stretch marks – that’s what it’s known for. So, that got me to thinking … surely it would work on wrinkles, too. And voila! Yes, people use it for that and swear by it … and ever-so-smart Palmer’s even has a special product with enhanced ingredients for wrinkle erasing, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy OilI’m going to try it and let you know!

That’s my tip for today!

I have tons of great places to tell you about … coming soon!

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