Hop on over to the Castalia Quarry

Castalia Quarry

Hiking with the dogs at Castalia Quarry Metropark

Get your wild boar meat on the way back 

We finally had a gorgeous spring day a week ago so we grabbed the dogs and headed over to hike the Castalia Quarry MetroPark (map), an old limestone quarry made into a park.

They have about 4 miles of trails (accessible by foot, mountain bike and rugged wheelchair), a cool lookout tower and natural ponds. Everything was still pretty brown when we were there – I bet it’s gorgeous in spring, summer and fall.
Castalia Quarry

There are some structures remaining from the old quarry, including these strange metal things. The quarry operated from 1870 to about 1965

Castalia Quarry

Frosty Frog drive-in

Stop at the Frosty Frog

On the way back to Port Clinton, we stopped off at this tasty little drive-in for ice cream. They also have burgers and other drive-in type food. I got a dreamsicle float that was quite yummy.

Castalia Quarry

Get your wild boar meat on the way home

Pick up your buffalo, elk or wild boar meat for dinner on the way back to the shores.

See more pics here.

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