Home decorating tip: Find a guy with a good eye!

home exterior

Our Victorian home built in 1850

So, my husband and I moved from Indianapolis to Port Clinton for his new job a little over a year ago. We moved into a gorgeous Victorian home built in 1850. I posted a while ago about how I’m still trying to get it decorated to my taste.

front room before

The dark brown on the bookcases and brown velvet curtains was pretty heavy

Ever since I moved in, I couldn’t stand the brown on the bookcases and the fireplace mantel (oh, and the curtains in the front room where dark brown velvet – gross!), but I hadn’t settled on a color.

bookcase before

I really couldn’t stand this color brown … nothing popped on it

Living room before

I really didn’t like the brown on the mantel but I hadn’t figured out what color to paint it. I thought white would be too much

And that’s where Keith Fleming comes in. Keith runs what has to be my favorite store/gallery in the area. It’s full of art, antiques and gifts that are right up my alley.

Keith came back to Port Clinton from Dallas, Texas, and opened Keith A. Fleming gift shop.

I needed some help reorganizing furniture in our living room so Keith came over … and gave me the encouragement and tips I needed to paint the bookcases and mantel white. It really makes both rooms pop.

front room after 2

The white just brightens the whole room up

Living room after

And the white on the fireplace makes the teal tiles pop

Then, he came back and helped me (okay, really, he did all the work) reorganize our fun collections of books, Steve’s toys from childhood, and artwork on the shelves. Don’t they look marvelous?
bookcase after
bookcase 2 after

Next he’s going to help me finally hang (and re-hang) the art on our walls. Check out all of the before and after pics here.

We are so lucky to have someone like Keith in our small community! Find him online or better yet, go by his shop at 132 E. Second St.

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