Great times at Kelley’s Island Wine Company

Kelley's Island Wine Co

Sunny day at Kelley’s Island Wine Co.

We had a great time this past weekend at the Kelley’s Island Wine Company. It was their Spring Fling event and they hired my husband’s band, Naked Bacon.

Kelley's Island Wine Co

Naked Bacon singing “Kiss” like you never heard it before, with washtub bass, banjo and mando.

The weather was brisk to say the least. Dave the lead guitarist has been calling this season “Splinter … it’s not spring and it’s not winter.” But it didn’t stop the crowds.

The place was packed. They have an approachable and eclectic menu with perfect pizzas to Duck Quesadillas and Lemongrass Chicken Potstickers.

I read reviews on TripAdvisor and once the weather warms up, bands play outside and they have games of horseshoe and volleyball.

The Kelley’s Island wines were mostly on the sweet side. Even though I typically like dry reds, I really liked their Glacial White and I thought the Coyote White would make an awesome white sangria.

Kelley's Island Wine Co

The gang at Kelley’s Island Wine Co.

Plus, owners Kirt and Robbie regularly travel to Spain and have a selection of Spanish wines available, too.

I also heard some tips from island regulars – stop by the Village Pump downtown for a Brandy Alexander before heading back to the mainland.

Can’t wait for warmer weather….

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