Get a flight experience at Liberty Aviation Museum

B-17 Yankee Lady

Climb aboard the “Yankee Lady” at the Liberty Aviation Museum

So, I’ve been hanging on to these photos for year now, waiting for the next appearance of the World War II B-17 Bomber “Yankee Lady” to come back to the Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton.

B-17 Yankee Lady

She’s coming back several times this summer. We took the opportunity last summer to climb aboard to inspect the plane up close. The men manning the plane are happy to answer all sorts of questions, including mine. They told us how the missions were up to 12 hours long, and how the ball turret gunners were curled up in the turret at the bottom of the plane, how cold it was. So of course, my first thought was, how did they pee?

Through the pee-hole of course!

B-17 Yankee Lady

Yes, that’s the pee-hole … just in case you’re wondering how they managed that, it had some sort of sleeve around it

Anyway, I highly recommend visiting the museum when the “Yankee Lady” is around. You can also sign up for flights and I think there is a charge for this. Take time, too, to look around the museum. They have lots of cool airplane and WWII memorabilia … and they are seeking volunteers (12 and older) to help rebuild a “Tin Goose.”

B-17 Yankee Lady

See more pictures of the museum here.

A note to my readers: I’m going to be on different shores for the next couple weeks — in Ireland for a stretch and then along Lake Michigan. So, my posts will mostly be photo posts. Enjoy!

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